Sharna Burgess’ ‘DWTS’ Blog: My Performance with Nyle DiMarco ‘Brought Tears to My Eyes’

Sharna Burgess’ ‘DWTS’ Blog: My Performance with Nyle DiMarco ‘Brought Tears to My Eyes’

"Dancing with the Stars” pro Sharna Burgess is blogging exclusively for this season. Check out her latest post below!

What an incredible and unforgettable night with Nyle DiMarco. I had the most amazing week with him in just learning how he learns. I truly became a better teacher because of working with him this week. I have learned to be more clear and more specific, to find a more efficient way to teach. When it comes to him, I cannot second-guess myself or be vague. I have to be very clear so he understands.

I watched our performance back and it brought tears to my eyes again. He is such a beautiful dancer and a beautiful person on the inside. I love that the reason he is on the show is to prove that deaf people can do anything. And I can tell you honestly that he can do anything.

It was hard for me to see Antonio Brown go out there and dance with someone else, but I am proud of him and Karina. I thought the cha-cha was great! I do think the sixes were a little too low for him. But I also understand what the judges were saying. Antonio and I have a lot of work ahead of us if we want to stay in the competition. I know that he wants it and wants to work really hard. We just have to put a little more time in, and I hope that happens now that he sees the level of competition that is left. Only good dancers are left, so now the good ones are going to start to go home.

Next week is Famous Dances Week, and I am so excited! Last season, I had an amazing time recreating "Saturday Night Fever," and I am really looking forward to finding out my dance for the week. I am excited to get back into the rehearsal studio and getting back into it with Antonio. I missed him, his smile, and our connection and friendship. I am really looking forward to the rest of our journey together!

Thank you to the fans for all your love and support this week, and for continuing to vote for Antonio! We will continue to work our butts off and make you guys proud!

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