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William & Kate Recreate Diana's Iconic Taj Mahal Photo

William & Kate Recreate Diana's Iconic Taj Mahal Photo
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On the last day of their sweeping visit to India and Bhutan, People reports that Prince William and Princess Kate paid homage to his late mother, Diana.



Two generations of British royals [Credit: Getty Images]

Twenty-four years ago, Diana was pictured in a now famous photo seated on a beach before the architectural wonder, constructed in the 1600s by the emperor as a mausoleum for his beloved wife. William and Kate recreated the pose, with William telling photographer Arthur Edwards, "I hope you've got the symmetry right, Arthur."

A spokesman for the royals said in a statement, "They decided to sit on the bench this morning. It was not something they had properly considered until this morning. The decision for them was that is the place where people who come here to see this place will sit. It is a totally symmetrical position, right in the center. That's the reason the Princess of Wales sat there when she came. It's the natural place. They made the decision on that basis."

Kate, dazzling in a blue-and-white dress by Indian designer Naeem Khan, removed her sunglasses for the photo, which made her match Diana's expression more closely.

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William's visit to India has been quite different from his mother's. When Diana visited, her marriage was crumbling; William's parents' divorce was announced just a few months after Diana's return to England.

William and Kate are the picture of wedded bliss in all their Indian photos, full of smiles.