Supermodel Elle MacPherson Shares Her Age Defying Secrets!

“Extra” caught up with Elle MacPherson at our H&M studios in Times Square to learn her age-defying secrets at 52. Watch the video for her top three tips!

If you're hoping to reboot your body in time for summer, try her four-week plan. She breaks it down in this Instagram caption.

THE WELLECO 4 WEEK BODY PLAN | if you're back to school or getting ready for summer -my Nutritional Doctor Dr Laubscher has created this simple, safe and healthy body countdown. Trust us, this is doable! 4 WEEKS TO GO No carbs after 5pm Take THE SUPER ELIXIR Alkalising Greens with 500ml of water every morning.Make sure you get at least 2L of filtered water every day 3 WEEKS TO GO Build on the above tips + replace one meal a day with THE SUPER ELIXIR Nourishing Protein, with 400ml of cold almond milk and 1-2 fruits as a super smoothie. 2 WEEKS TO GO Build on the above + add cayenne pepper to at least one meal a day. It will boost metabolism and create a thermogenic effect, which helps burn calories. 1 WEEK TO GO Build on the above, + cut all sugar, dairy and starchy carbs and increase intake of green leafy vegetables. That's it. Hello, sunshine! 💚🌱💚 #wellecobodyplan #drlaubscher #superelixir #alkalisinggreens #plantprotein #organic #vegan #4weekbodyplan #simple #doable

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