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Iggy Azalea Dishes on Nick Young Wedding and Babies

Iggy Azalea Dishes on Nick Young Wedding and Babies

Only “Extra” special correspondent Elvis Duran sat down with rapper Iggy Azalea at this weekend’s Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade, where she candidly talked about life in the spotlight and her upcoming nuptials to Los Angeles Laker Nick Young.

Iggy is set to marry fiancé Nick, despite the cheating rumors that surrounded him after he was caught talking about a supposed hookup in a leaked video. She told Elvis how she is dealing with the headlines, admitting, “Sometimes it can be tough to see it every day, but I think it depends what you have going on at home, if maybe you have something else going on in your new life that you're maybe stressed about, then those things can start to affect you, but when you have solid at home life and everything else is in order, then I feel like the headlines don't seem to affect me as much.”

The 25-year-old is also not letting the latest social media trends affect her. She confessed, “I don't even have Snapchat.” She added, “You know, I like to just look at who is following me and who I'm following so it's people that I know are fans and I like to see their reactions to stuff, but I don't want to like get into that weird place on the internet where it gets a little dark.”

Her mantra for getting through the dark times is something fellow artist Kesha said to her. “I just take it day by day and actually my friend Kesha taught me that cause I was worrying about some stuff and she was like, ‘You just, you know what everyone tells me? Just worry about today, worry about the next day the next day,' and so I've taken that on board and it really helps.”

Having other mega-famous friends by her side, including Demi Lovato, must also help as well. She gushed about Demi, “I've made her my bridesmaid, so that way, I know she's available to sing.” Though Demi hasn’t agreed to sing, Iggy has a master plan to get her to do just that. “I haven't asked her, but I think I'm just gonna, push her up onstage, slip in a microphone, and cross my fingers.”

Iggy has enlisted another famous name to help her with her wedding. She revealed, “Giorgio Armani is gonna make my dress.”

She explained, “I asked and I didn't know if he would because he really hasn't made a lot of celebrity wedding gowns…. I'm just a fan of classic tailoring and I wanted my wedding dress to be timeless so I don't look ridiculous in 25 years when I'm showing my kids, like, 'Here's what mommy wore.’"

Iggy had to travel to Paris before she could bring Armani on board for her wedding dress. “You have to come to Paris and pick the fabric, I was like, ‘This is an easy condition — I would love to do that. Like, that's an, this is an honor.' So, I got to come Paris and actually meet Giorgio Armani… And go through fabrics and beading and he measured me and did my corset for the dress and everything, so now they're making it so it's just… that's kind of been a dream.”

So does the singer ever dream of having a family of her own? She answered, “Well, you know my fiancé has a son and he's four years old, so he's at our house all the time.” She continued, “And I have a bond with him… He really likes cooking, so when he comes over we, like, cook mini pizzas or make, like, Rice Krispy treats, we do stuff like that together, so I think I have a little window into what it might be like to have my own child, but I have so much to do — it's way in the future.”

Iggy has been promoting her new album “Digital Distortion,” dropping in June.