First Look at ‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix Revival and Cast Reactions to Melissa McCarthy's Return

Just days after Melissa McCarthy announced she is joining the "Gilmore Girls” revival, new stills have been released by Netflix!

GILMOREGIRLS_101_SPR_02900R[Credit: Netflix]

In one of the stills, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) is seen holding hands with Luke (Scott Patterson) during a stroll. Are they still together?

Lauren recently tweeted about Melissa’s return as Sookie, saying, "Yay, Sookie! This makes me so so happy. Let's all go see @TheBossFilm this weekend to celebrate.”

Sutton Foster, who has also signed on to star in the revival, gushed with Entertainment Weekly about Melissa, "She was such a major part of the original and it was sad to think of her not being a part of it, so I’m thrilled. My husband actually was like, ‘Big announcement, Melissa McCarthy is going to be on [the show]!’ I’m really close with Amy and Dan [Palladino] and everybody in the ‘Gilmore' world and I know they really wanted to make it work.”

GILMOREGIRLS_101_SUM_01919R[Credit: Netflix]

Foster is rumored to be playing a character in “Stars Hollow: The Musical.” See a still of Babette (Sally Struthers) and Miss Patty (Liz Torres) holding auditions for the musical with Lorelai and Rory (Alexis Bledel) by their side.

GILMOREGIRLS_101_FAL_00787R[Credit: Netflix]

Speaking of Rory and Lorelai, a still show they can still enjoy Chinese takeout and Pop-Tarts after all these years.

GILMOREGIRLS_101_SPR_02306R[Credit: Netflix]

In another still, Rory appears to be teaching a class of students about Jane Eyre.

"Gilmore Girls” is currently shooting and scheduled to wrap in mid-May. Though the release date has not been announced yet, it is rumored to be launching either in fall or winter.

GILMOREGIRLS_101_SPR_02967R[Credit: Netflix]