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Sorry Not Sorry: John Kasich Comments on NY Pizza-gate and His Love for Justin Bieber’s Music

No forks here! @johnkasich and @ajcalloway are enjoying a nice New York slice!

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“Extra’s” AJ Calloway recently hung out with presidential candidate and Ohio’s Gov. John Kasich at our H&M Studios, where he playfully went into damage-control mode after being caught eating pizza with a knife and fork.

He poked fun at the incident, saying, “...and the real question is... did I use that fork on that pizza just to get attention? And I’m gonna reveal that in my memoirs.”

When AJ offered him a slice of pizza, he took a bite and joked, "I know how to eat pizza. I’ve been eating it before you were born.”

Kasich was probably also dancing before AJ was born, too! He recently danced to Walk the Moon’s hit song “Shut Up and Dance” in Michigan and “people loved it.” Where can we see Kasich dancing? He responded, “At weddings, but you've gotta go north-south when you dance, not east-west."

Speaking of music, Kasich revealed that he likes to bust a move to Justin Bieber’s hit song “Sorry,” which he raves is a “really good song.” He added, “I love it — it’s on my playlist now.”

Another singer Kasich loves is Rihanna, especially her song “Diamonds.” He also had wonderful things to say about Lady Gaga, gushing, “I'll tell you who else I like, one of the best concerts I ever saw — Gaga. My wife and I went to see her. I loved it."

John also raved about his wife Karen and twin daughters. “My wife’s the key to the family, but they like their dad, but we just have a great time.” His girls, Reese, and Emma recently turned 16, so Karen taught them how to drive while he is busy campaigning. “Yeah, you know, it’s out of our hands; at some point, you just gotta let them grow up and it’s in the hands of the Lord and, I don't know, it’s really crazy.”

Kasich is set to do battle with the other candidates in the New York Republican primary on April 19. He took the high road, avoiding the wife war between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, saying, “It's fair to talk about people’s records, but it’s not fair to be talking about their families or some personal attack. It’s not my style. I don't feel it’s appropriate.”

He did discuss the possibility of going head-to-head with Hillary Clinton if he and she were to win their parties' nominations. He said, “Well, I beat her in all the polls. Every poll that has been taken for — I don’t know how long — I win, and you might say, 'Why is that?' First of all, I’ve been a unifier and not a divider. Secondly, I have appealed to crossover voters — independents and conservative Democrats.”