Siobhan Magnus Recalls Her Rocky Start on ‘American Idol’

Siobhan Magnus Recalls Her Rocky Start on ‘American Idol’

As fans prepare to say good-bye to “American Idol” for good, former contestants like Siobhan Magnus are speaking out about their time on the show.

The Season 9 finalist wrote an essay for Yahoo, revealing that her journey got off to a rocky start.

"It was the first day of filming for Hollywood Week… We had been told to wear the same outfit over the next two days for continuity purposes, which made the decision even more serious. Over the phone, my boyfriend helped me decide on a pale blue vintage satin and lace dress, which belonged to my mother.”

The dress was fine, but Siobhan later regretted her shoe choice. “For some completely insane reason, my brain fell out of my head long enough for me to also decide to wear a pair of towering, four-inch platform, Jessica Simpson SLINGBACK HEELS, the likes of which I had never successfully or safely worn in my life.”

As she was walking down Hollywood Blvd. toward the Kodak Theatre it happened… she fell and bloodied her knees. “In slow motion, my heel began to wobble. It felt like I knew I was falling for about an hour before I finally hit the ground.”

The Cape Cod native was running late and had no choice but to take off her heels and walk the rest of the way barefoot, and there was no time to clean up her fresh wounds.

“One of the producers, Patrick Lynn, began to explain what we were about to film,” she said. “Then I looked down. By now there was blood dripping from both of my knees, all the way down to my ankles. I looked around at all the other beautiful, tan, well-made-up girls, and I couldn’t have felt more embarrassed.”

Magnus continued, “Then Patrick looked at two other girls who were holding their heels in their hands and said something like, ‘Yeah, that’s cute if some of you hold your heels so you can run up the stairs…’ Then he looked at me, made a sort of sour face, and said, ‘But not too many people should do it.’ I could feel a thousand eyes burning through me. Honestly, I just wanted to go home. We filmed running up the stairs into the theater maybe four or five times before I finally got a chance to sanitize my tired, bare, dirty feet.”

Needless to say, she broke the rules the next day, and traded the heels for Mary Jane platforms. Read the full story here.

“Extra’s” Senior Music Correspondent Adam Weissler caught up with Siobhan in 2012 to talk about her time on “Idol.” Watch!

Magnus released an album, “Moonbaby” in 2012, and has a Dusty Springfield musical project in the works. For more information, visit Magnus' Facebook page.