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Tracy Morgan Gives Health Update and Teases New FX Comedy Show

Tracy Morgan Gives Health Update and Teases New FX Comedy Show

Almost two years after the accident that nearly killed him, Tracy Morgan, is headed back to TV in a new comedy pilot for FX.

Last night, Morgan spoke to “Extra’s” AJ Calloway at the FX Networks Upfront screening of "The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story" about his road to recovery and his upcoming show. Tracy reflected on the day he was rushed to the hospital, “Imagine how my wife felt. She’s the one that got the phone call that morning. We’re all happy that I’m here, especially me… My room [in heaven] wasn’t ready. I still got stuff to do.”

Nowadays, Tracey is focused on himself and his family. “That’s the most important thing to me in my world — my wife and my kids.”

Morgan is still working on the emotional recovery with his wife, but he is positive spirits, saying, “At this point, I’m very, very happy.”

Tracy is more than happy to be back to work on a comedy with Jordan Peele. He gushed, “Aw man, me and Jordan Peele? What you think you gonna get, whole bunch, a truckload of funny.” He smiled, “You see that big truck outside?... It's all filled with funny.”

He added, “It's like to the real but funny, a little dark, all the funny stuff is in dark places, man, so it's really, it's gonna hit close to home for a lot of people.”

Morgan brought out his comedy side while teasing the show to AJ. “We not going to try to tickle you all… No, we gonna try to go for the gutter on this one… We going for the gut... We want you to laugh… We want you to fart you laugh so hard. That’s funny, when you fart you laugh so hard you go berrrrrrr you got a brown cloud.”

The 47-year-old also chatted about his funny skit at the Oscars, which was a parody on “The Danish Girl.” He said, “I love you,[Chris] Rock, I love you [J.J.] Abrams... They made me really, really funny, and I appreciate that.”

Tracy is also back onstage doing stand up again. He said, “I'm talking about my experiences over the last couple of months, I'm talking about everything in a funny way, I mean… I mean, when I come onstage, I'm getting standing ovations. I mean they're making me feel like a magical black dude.” He smiled, “I feel like I'm related to Aunt Jemima or something, you know? My pancakes is always fluffy.”