Everything You Need to Know about the 'The Flash'/'Supergirl' Crossover!

The Flash is paying Supergirl a visit tonight!

supergirl-flash3 got to watch the crossover of the shows “The Flash” and “Supergirl" in advance followed by a Q&A with co-creators Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti, so we’ve got everything you need to know before tuning in.

Barry Allen and Kara Danvers’ chemistry is off the charts! Go ahead and start shipping these two now. The Flash and Supergirl are beyond adorable together as they become fast friends in the episode “World’s Finest.” Kreisberg sees Barry and Kara as “daytime heroes who live in the light,” adding that their “instantaneous best friendship was part of, creatively speaking, what was very exciting for us to explore in this episode.”

They are teaming up to battle some pretty big villains: Kara enlists Barry’s help to try and take down Livewire, the ghostly white and electrically charged criminal, and Silver Banshee, a sonic screamer and ex employee of Kat Grant.


This is another earth: The crossover takes place in the multiverse, but we don’t know where! Andrew explained, “We were purposefully vague about what Earth ‘Supergirl' takes place on because I know the deeper you get into the earths the more specialized they become. This is an unknown number earth.”

Watch “The Flash” to get the full story: Viewers won’t know how Barry landed on Supergirl’s earth or how he gets home, unless they watch “The Flash” on Tuesday. Berlanti hinted at how Barry gets there, saying, “It deals with Barry increasing his speed.”


Look for more crossovers in the future: Greg said they would love to do another crossover, while Andrew added that it may not come in the form of a Kara doppelgänger on 'The Flash,' “Any Kara that exists on Earth 1 would have to be an alien. There can’t just be Kara Danvers from Poughkeepsie.” Don’t rule it out completely however. “That’s the fun of the multiverse… it is surprisingly easy to justify any of these decisions.” There is always room for a “Legends of Tomorrow” visit, too. Kreisberg added, “The waverider can do and go anywhere.”

That's not all! Only “Extra” was behind the scenes as the two super heroes joined forces for the special crossover episode. Check out our set visit!

Watch “Supergirl” tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS, and “The Flash” on Tuesday at 8 p.m. on The CW.