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Teresa Giudice & Her Daughters Are ‘Doing Their Best to Adjust’ Without Joe

Teresa Giudice & Her Daughters Are ‘Doing Their Best to Adjust’ Without Joe

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice is adjusting to life without husband Joe, who earlier this week turned himself in to prison.

A source told People, "Teresa and the girls are sad that Joe's gone, but they're doing their best to adjust. Teresa's keeping busy with the girls. Her life centers around taking care of them and making sure they get to their activities to keep as life as normal as possible for them."

TMZ obtained pics of Teresa taking a solo walk near her New Jersey home, just one day after Joe began serving his 41-month sentence.

Though Joe will be away from his family for a long time, he believes that they’ll be able to get through life. He said in a statement after beginning his sentence, "It was obviously a very emotional day, but this is a very strong family with a tremendous support system and they will get through this, just as they did when Teresa was away.”

It is unknown exactly how long Joe will be incarcerated, but he is hoping to get out in 18 months. He recently said to People, "I shouldn't be in there longer than a year and a half. You get good time, and now they have, with my kind of crime, [a system where] you are eligible for [sentence reduction] programs in there so I will do as many programs as I can.”

He elaborated, "A lot of programs knock 10 days off a month. So, whatever programs are available. I don't care if I have to take up to 24 hours, seven days a week, I will knock off as many things to pass time and get it over with and get out. That's what your goal is – to basically work on getting out."