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Ben Affleck Reveals Just How Hard It Was to Sneak Matt Damon onto 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon pulled a fast one on Jimmy Kimmel after the Oscars by hiding Matt in Ben’s jacket.

The hilarious stunt wasn’t easy, though. “Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with Affleck at the “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” junket, where the actor credited his Batman training for helping him pull it off.

Mario said, “[Matt] must weigh about a buck oh five — you walked out like nothing.”

Ben replied, “No, no, he's 195!... Don’t let him fool you… that was a full sweat. I was waiting backstage for about 30 seconds to bring him out there. The Batman training definitely paid off. My knees were, like, burning, you know? Your quads, like, vibrating.”

He said at one point the guys got them all set up then revealed they still had two and a half minutes before they needed to take the stage. Ben’s reaction? “Why the f**k did we put him up here now, then!?”

Affleck also talked about his son Sam’s superhero birthday party and his fake back tattoo. The star was paired with his co-star Henry Cavill at the junket, who chatted about rumors he could be the next James Bond. Watch the video at the top of the page!