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Iggy Azalea Admits She Had a ‘Psychotic Breakdown Last Year'

Iggy Azalea Admits She Had a ‘Psychotic Breakdown Last Year'
Jacques Dequeker

“Fancy” rapper Iggy Azalea goes topless in the new issue of Schön! Magazine, in which she opened up about the rough year she had in 2015.

Last year, Azalea was faced with some ups and downs, including her engagement to Nick Young and her Great Escape tour being canceled. She revealed, “I had to have a psychotic breakdown last year. I felt tired and stressed out.”

IggyAzalea-27[Credit: Jacques Dequeker]

Iggy’s reputation took a negative hit after the tour was called off. She explained, “Last year, I felt like I was definitely not in control of the media’s narrative of me. It made me feel very out of control of my own life or my ability to have my own perception of who I was. You don’t want someone else writing your narrative and making you the villain. Then I just realized that, ‘You know what, you can’t control it,' and I think I accepted that and moved on to living my life.”

Due to the negative press, many were counting her out, but she still believes in herself. She shared about her 2016 prospects, “I’m like, ‘Cool, all right, so I can just do whatever the f*ck and I know I won’t be disappointing. I’ll be exceeding everyone’s expectations of nothing,' so I’m excited.”

?Scho?n!30_IggyAzalea-25[Credit: Jacques Dequeker]

For more on Iggy, grab a copy of Schön! Magazine.