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'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Dishes on Lauren Bushnell Wedding Plans and His Mom’s Preference for JoJo

'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Dishes on Lauren Bushnell Wedding Plans and His Mom’s Preference for JoJo

Last night, Ben Higgins made it official by asking Lauren Bushnell to marry him on “The Bachelor.”

Earlier this morning, “Extra’s AJ Calloway spoke to the happy couple in NYC . Ben proved his heart belongs to Lauren by proposing again last night in front of her family. Lauren gushed, “He has made this whole thing that could be really difficult, going through all that then re-watching it, reliving it, he has made it so much easier, he is such a good listener and so supportive. I’m more in love with him today than I was yesterday, and the day he proposed; it keeps getting better and better.”

The flight attendant is moving to Denver to be with her business analyst fiancé. She shared, “I’m ready. Bags aren’t packed yet, but probably in April.”

Before setting a wedding date, the two are focusing on going on a “public date” first. On when they want the wedding, Ben revealed, “Hopefully soon, like, very soon. When I say soon, I would love to say early 2017, [late] 2016.” And what about a TV wedding? Ben responded, “We’re open to it, I think it’d be fun.”

During the interview, Lauren showed off her Neil Lane sparkler, a 4.5-carat bauble said to be is worth $100,000. She raved, “It’s pretty, huh? He did good.”

The big question is: Is everyone pleased with his decision? “Extra” uncovered a video posted online featuring Ben’s mom confessing she would pick JoJo Fletcher. Ben explained about his mom’s comments, “I think this whole thing is a crazy experience for everyone involved. There are time when it spins you in the right place and that’s like with Lauren, but, you know, my mom met both these women for a couple of hours one day and, you know, I was kind of asking for advice and she’s like, 'I don’t know what to tell you,' and really that’s the only advice I needed. I just wanted her to meet the women, my dad to meet the women, and get to know Lauren now.”

Now JoJo, the woman Ben didn’t choose, is getting another chance at finding love after being named the new “Bachelorette.” Ben saw her for the first time since he chose Lauren last night on “After the Rose.” He says, “I think she has a really good attitude about things. She understands the situation that the feelings were real, but also that my feelings for Lauren were so much stronger — she was supportive of that.”

He added, “I’m excited to watch her journey on ‘The Bachelorette’ because I think she’s at a place now to find someone.”

Higgins revealed that JoJo will always hold a place in his heart. “I will always care for JoJo. She will always be a positive part of my past, but that’s my past now… I think now my heart’s in one place now and it has been for a while.”