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Sarah Palin’s Husband Todd in ICU After ‘Very Serious’ Accident

Sarah Palin’s Husband Todd in ICU After ‘Very Serious’ Accident

UPDATE: Sarah Palin addressed her husband's crash while at a Trump rally in Tampa. She said, Thank you guys for your prayers for my husband who is recovering right now in ICU after a little wreck on a snow machine." She went on to re-label the crash as a "big wreck."

Palin also posted a statement on her Facebook page, saying, "Todd is our rock... toughest guy I know. Thank you for your prayers as he recovers following a snowmachine accident last night. You know, your prayers have meant so much to our family over the years and I've not thanked you enough for providing us that shield of faith. God bless you, too!" Read the full message here.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s husband Todd was in a “very serious” accident on Sunday. The politician, who has been campaigning for Donald Trump in Florida, will now cut her trip short to be with her husband.

A family source told the magazine, "Todd Palin was in a very serious snow machine crash last night, currently hospitalized in intensive care.”

The insider continued, "Governor Palin has been on the phone with doctors and family all morning – booked best of limited flights back to Alaska via Tampa – will stop by Trump Tampa town hall on way to airport and not travel to Ohio or The Villages as planned."

Trump’s campaign has been "fantastically understanding as always that family comes first."

Before the accident, Palin was stumping for Trump at the Arcadia All Florida Championship Rodeo and Strawberry Festival in Florida.

Bristol Palin and her children Tripp and Sailor may have been nearby when the accident occurred. Bristol posted on Instagram that the family was spending time at "Papa's cabin."

Sailor's first time at Papa's cabin!!

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