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Tori Spelling Sounds Off on Recent Rumors, Husband Dean McDermott, and ‘90210’ Reboot

On Thursday, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke to former “Beverly Hills, 90210" star Tori Spelling at our H&M studios, where she set the record straight on recent rumors surrounding her.

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Reports were flying that Spelling was struggling with financial troubles and battling an unknown illness. Of the rumors, she said, “I'm very healthy, I'm working my butt off, we are not having financial troubles, my family is great.”

Though she and husband Dean McDermott have struggled with marital issues in the past, but have been able to overcome it all. She gushed, “He's amazing, my husband's really — he's great. He's turned his life around. He's sober. And he has stepped up and he is the dad of all dads.”

Tori and Dean hashed out their issues on reality TV, which she felt had a positive effect on their marriage after Dean’s cheating scandal broke. She explained, “He kind of needed to digest and work on himself privately, and he did do that when 'True Tori' ended and he's done a great job of it.”

She elaborated, “For me, I needed to get it off my chest, that's what I needed. I needed, at the time, to kind of get it out there and I felt like, you know, 'True Tori,' it was my… it was my side, it was my… it was kind of taking back my power and saying, ‘You know what? I'm not gonna do it their way,' because at a point when something comes out that you don't want to come out and your life is no longer private and people say, ‘Well, you put your life out there anyway,' well there's still things we want private and what happened to us, we wanted to deal with that private, but I wasn't given the choice of that so it was like, ‘You know what? I'm gonna take my power back now,' and I did that through 'True Tori.'”

The 42-year-old is heading back to TV with two new projects. One of the projects is “Tori & Dean’s Spring Picnic” on the Cooking Channel, which will be a family affair. “This is really showing people the stuff we do behind the scenes, you know, and that's cooking, that's entertaining, and, you know, just having a really great time.” Tori will also be joining celebrity party planner David Tutera’s “Celebrations” on WE TV, sharing, “I call myself an at-home, you know, DIY party planner. David Tutera is like my guru.”

The project she still hopes can come to fruition is a “Beverly Hills, 90210” reboot. Tori said, “You know, the cast and I, certain members, we're really close still, and I've been thinking about it a lot just because I'm like, ‘We're the O.G. of it all… all these reboots, and I'm like, ‘Before there were reboots, someone tried to reboot the original,' and that didn't quite, it wasn't quite the same because we weren't really a part of it, so now you've gotta take the O.G. of it all and do the original reboot the right way.”

She added, “A lot of us have talked about it. I'm a Spelling… cast that spell, it will happen!”

After the interview, Tori also posed with NYPD officers Octavio Diaz and Chris Martinez, who had noticed a large crowd gathering at the studio and checked to see what was happening.