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Hulk Hogan Takes the Stand in His $100M Sex-Tape Lawsuit — Watch the Livestream!

Hulk Hogan Takes the Stand in His $100M Sex-Tape Lawsuit — Watch the Livestream!

On Tuesday morning, Hulk Hogan testified for the second day in a row in a civil trial against website Gawker.

Hogan is suing Gawker for $100 million for posting a sex tape of himself and a woman, who is the wife of his former best friend, radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge, according to Crime Watch Daily.

The jury will decide if Hogan’s right to privacy has been violated by Gawker. Hogan claims the video was filmed without his consent, while Gawker said the tape is newsworthy since he has been open about his sex life in the past, including the Howard Stern radio show.

On Monday, Hogan’s lawyer Shane Vogt slammed the defense team, saying, “They’re going to try to tell you that what they were doing was news. They crossed the line when they posted this video. It was not newsworthy.”

Hogan discussed the personal and professional embarrassment he felt after the tape was published. "I was completely humiliated. It was even embarrassing as my character. Hulk Hogan was embarrassed."

He revealed that his marriage was falling apart and he only agreed to have sex with his friend’s wife after they kept insisting. He said, “I was depressed. I gave up and gave in. I felt that those people loved me.”

Hogan also talked about being betrayed by Bubba, who may have used a camera installed in the bedroom to record the encounter. He shared, “Everything had gone to hell in a handbag. I still held out the hope that he had not done this to me. He made me believe that he was my best friend and that he would never lie to me."

To watch the trail, check out the livestream below!

Bubba, whose real name is Todd Clem, has denied sharing the sex tape of his wife and Hulk.