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Madonna Changes Her Strategy in Ugly Custody Battle with Guy Richie

Madonna Changes Her Strategy in Ugly Custody Battle with Guy Richie

UPDATE: Madonna and Guy Ritchie, who were not physically present, took part in the court hearing via phone, while their lawyers attended on their behalf. At the hearing, a judge, who didn't issue a warrant forcing Rocco to return to NY, wanted Madonna and Guy to come to a mutual agreement. Guy's lawyers are asking to have Rocco stay in London since he just started school. The judge also acknowledged that she is going to take into consideration what Rocco wants as well. The next court hearing will be on June 1.

Today, Madonna and Guy Ritchie are scheduled for a court hearing over custody of their teenage son Rocco.

Though the judge has summoned both to appear, they will reportedly not be attending. A close source told Page Six, “They want to settle the matter privately. Nobody’s going to be there. Madonna’s in Asia, and Guy’s in England."

In December, Rocco decided not to fly back to NYC to be with Madonna because he wanted to spend Christmas with Guy in London.

The exes have been at odds with each other since their 2008 divorce, which resulted in her forking over $75 million in the settlement.

Originally, Madonna was reportedly planning to get her 15-year-old son back by bashing Guy’s parenting style, which she believes is "too permissive."

An insider told TMZ, "She always has to be right. It's her nature. She and Guy have disagreed on every [child-rearing] decision they talk about, and it's made her feel like he's a bad parent.”

Instead, she has seemingly changed her mind and is trying to win back Rocco by showing how much she loves him on social media.

Rocco, who has his own appointed lawyer, will also have a say in who he lives with.