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Exclusive! Bill O’Reilly on Donald Trump’s Biggest Mistake and More

Exclusive! Bill O’Reilly on Donald Trump’s Biggest Mistake and More

The Donald, the Oscars, the No Spin Zone… it's an “Extra” exclusive with Bill O’Reilly!

AJ Calloway caught up with O’Reilly to talk about all things Donald Trump and more.

Trump took Nevada by a landslide, but is he a shoo-in for the Republican nomination? “Donald Trump obviously has momentum, and momentum means a lot in politics,” Bill said, adding, “Next Tuesday, Super Tuesday… you've got 10 states voting. If Rubio or Cruz don't do well, it's over.”

Bill admitted, “I am surprised how dominant he's been,” explaining, “If he had gone to the FOX debate, I think he would've won Iowa.”

When AJ asked, “Was that one of his biggest mistakes?” O’Reilly replied, “I think so.”

Donald dropped out of the debate because of his feud with FOX anchor Megyn Kelly. AJ asked if Trump's feuds with Kelly, the Pope and others will ever affect his campaign.

“I think you might see a different Donald if he's campaigning for president against a Democrat than you do see in the primaries,” Bill said. “Maybe not as confrontational. Maybe not as bombastic. 'Cause he's going to have to get more people over to his side.”

O’Reilly added that the Republicans may not actually want him as their candidate. “I think there is a serious attempt by the Republican establishment to stop him. But I don't know if it's possible.”

Bill thinks some Republicans are afraid Donald could lose to Hillary Clinton, adding, “I think he could.”

Imagining a debate between Trump and Clinton, he said, “I think you would get that in Vegas, like a prize fight. And it would be like Sylvester Stallone… ‘Hey, okay. Let's come out here in the middle.’ It would be a brawl.”

Switching gears, AJ asked Bill’s thoughts on the Oscars boycott. O’Reilly responded, “I'm not a big boycott guy… I sat through an Emmys for almost three hours and I almost shot myself. It's a long slide and I'm outraged that the bear isn't nominated for Best Supporting Actor for ‘The Revenant.’ That bear -- and I don't want any bears going to that Oscar ceremony, because that bear should've been nominated.”