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Jimmy Kimmel Takes on Donald Trump & Kanye West Before His Oscars Special

While Jimmy Kimmel is prepping for his Oscars special, he sat down with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh to chat about the biggest headline makers, including Donald Trump and Kanye West.

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Jimmy weighed in on presidential candidate Donald Trump’s latest war of words with the Pope. “We should believe it, but it is hard to process it, even that the Pope knows who Donald Trump is, is weird… It had to be weird for Donald Trump to wake up and go 'Oh, I'm in a fight with the Pope.'” When Renee asked who could be Trump’s next opponent, he responded, “Well, it goes Pope, Jesus, Oprah…” He joked, “You don’t attack Oprah and expect to survive.”
Kimmel also gave his two cents on Kanye West’s renewed feud with Taylor Swift and his latest social media rants. “I think it might be time for someone to take Kanye's phone away from him, just for his own good.”   

Of West’s claim that he spoke on the phone with Taylor about name-checking her in his song “Famous,” Jimmy said, “I would love to know what’s going on there — I really would love to know if he thinks he made that phone call. Maybe he was a victim of a crank call… who knows what happened? I would love to get to the bottom of that.”
Speaking of feuds, Kimmel is known for his on-screen feud with Matt Damon, but will he be on the Oscars special? Jimmy answered, “He wants to be on the show, he will be here, here in our building. If he does make it on the show it will be bad news to me.”  

Kimmel reiterated that the mock feud comes from his soul. “It comes from deep within.”  When Renee commented, “Come on, he is the most lovable man in the world,” Jimmy responded, “You don’t know him like I do.”
Matt Damon’s BFF Ben Affleck and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” actor Henry Cavill are some of the stars who will be part of the show. “Every year, we do a big, all-star comedy bit, and I think ours is really good this year; we have a few of them.”  He continued, “Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are doing something, Tracy Morgan and Mike Tyson are doing something for us, so we have more stuff than we can probably fit into the show.”
Kimmel explained about the special, “We're right across the street from the Oscars, so people just walk over here. We put out invitations like, ‘If you win an Oscar and you want to walk over and be on the show, you're welcome to do that,' so that could mean two people show up, no one shows up… it could mean eight people show up.”

To find out who shows up Sunday night, tune in to Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars special on ABC!