Adele Admits She Cried After Her Flawed Grammy Performance

Adele Admits She Cried After Her Flawed Grammy Performance
Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.
On today’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” singer Adele opens up about her recent Grammys performance, which was plagued by sound issues.

On Monday, Adele struggled with mic problems throughout her performance of “All I Ask” and ended up drowning her sorrows with a burger. She tweeted, "Because of it though... I'm treating myself to an in n out. So maybe it was worth it."

When Ellen asked what had happened during the performance, Adele explained, “Soundcheck was great. Went really well. I was really excited, and then during the changeover, the microphones fell onto the piano strings, which is what the guitar noise was. Some people thought it was Bieber rehearsing, but it wasn’t him. We’re on great terms. And then it kind of put the whole thing off, really."

Once Adele started performing, she knew right away that something was off. She revealed, "I heard it straight away. And I wanted to turn, I knew what it was because in rehearsal on Saturday they were like, ‘We’re going to double-mic the piano just in case one doesn’t work. And I knew where the mic was and I wanted to turn around and lift it up, but I froze. But I actually felt like it went well. In the room they actually sorted the problem and I’m always a bit pitchy anyways… It’s emotion. It’s emotion. When I’m flat and I’m sharp I’m just emotional, but it was fine. I wanted to tell everyone straight away because it seemed to be a lot of confusion about what it was. I was embarrassed. I woke up the next morning to people in England being like, 'We still love you, don’t worry,' and I was like,' I didn’t ask you if you still loved me, but thanks.' I was so embarrassed."

After the performance, many took to social media to question what happened. She shared, "I cried pretty much all day yesterday. In fairness, I would have cried if it went really well as well. If it was a stand-out performance, I would have cried as well. I always cry. But yeah, I kept, like, spontaneously bursting into tears yesterday. But it was all right. I was fine.”

On a lighter note, Adele also took part in a prank at Jamba Juice for the show. Watch!