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Gwen Stefani Confesses Her New Song Is About Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani Confesses Her New Song Is About Blake Shelton
Last night, singer Gwen Stefani confirmed what we all thought — her new song “Make Me Like You” is about her boyfriend Blake Shelton.

On "Jimmy Kimmel Live!” she revealed with a grin, "It is actually. I will admit that that song is about that guy.” Watch!

She continued, "What's so crazy is that sometimes tragedy, if you really absorb it, you can turn it into something beautiful, and this whole album is about trying to take something that's awful, and healing from it.” Gwen and Blake started dating after her divorce from Gavin Rossdale in the summer.

During the interview, Gwen also chatted about her new music video for “Make Me Like You,” which was shot live and aired during a commercial break for the Grammys. In the video, it appeared that she fell, but that was not the case. Gwen shared, "I actually sorta know how to [skate] from when I was a kid. But there was a crash. Everybody thinks it was me but that was a stunt double. We did that on purpose so everybody would think, ‘Oh, my God this is live and she fell!'"

While Gwen is promoting her solo music, her “No Doubt” band mates are doing a side project and starting a punk band. Watch!