Teresa Giudice Opens Up on Her Prison Experience, Reveals She Watched ‘Extra’ Behind Bars

"Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice is starting a new chapter in her life since her prison release from Danbury Federal Correctional Institution after serving 11 months on fraud charges.

Earlier this week, Giudice sat down with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway to reflect on her time behind bars and promote her new memoir, “Turning The Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again."

In her book, Teresa reveals that she actually watched “Extra” behind bars! She told AJ, “Everybody was watching it… all the girls thought you were so hot!“

It has just been announced that Teresa will be a part of Season 7 of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey." She shared, “They're like family to me… so the cameras were rolling from the minute I walked in through my door.”  

She continued, “I was just so happy to see my daughters and Joe and I was just overjoyed with them… I was like, cameras? Cameras where? It felt like a dream, am I really home? It was a good feeling.”

Before she was back with her family, she leaned on inmates for support and beauty treatments. “We all comfort each other, we were there for each other we helped each other get through our time. We would just pamper each other, someone would do your nails for you… it was all for visits, like, you would get all ready for your visit on the weekend… It’s being with a bunch of girlfriends and just hanging out, survival mode, like you do whatever you could, you want the days to fly by.”

Teresa went as far as to say she made some true friends during her time away. “I think about them all the time.”

Speaking of the inmates, the 43-year-old revealed in her book that some of the ladies were having sex in the “Boom Boom” room. “Some girls are caliente, they're kinda hot, so they wanted to let it out.” Though some of the women were getting it on, they knew better than to hit on her, “I got some massages, but that's about it.”

While in prison, Teresa kept up with all the political news, saying her vote for president goes to the man that fired her on “Celebrity Apprentice.” She said about Donald Trump, “He's like my kind of person, he just reminds me of Joe and me and how we are, and he's real and he says what everyone else is thinking, and I think that's what people love about him.”
Teresa also watched another show she loves, “Dancing with the Stars,” telling AJ, the network wanted her to be on the next season, but she declined the offer. “I wanted to be with my family. I just got home and I couldn't leave my girls again. That is one of my favorite shows. I watched both seasons while I was in camp and I loved it.”

While Giudice hasn’t watched the Netflix hit “Orange Is the New Black,” which is based on a prison similar to hers, she did say she would consider a guest-starring role. “Of course, I would go on!”

When the reality star wasn’t watching television, she was getting in shape, doing yoga three times a day, something she wants to keep up. “I’m gonna get certified in yoga.”

Teresa admitted that not everyone is thrilled with her toned figure. “My husband's like, what happened to my butt? I had a bubble butt and it's gotten leaner a little bit… so that's all he talks about, he wants me to eat.”  
Before the end of the interview, AJ gave raisins to Teresa, since she wanted them for her oatmeal in prison. She responded to the gift, saying, “Raisins are contraband. They say you can make hooch with raisins… I’m like, who's going to make hooch? I think they do that in the men's prison, we never did that. I worked in the kitchen so I had ways of getting my raisins.”