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Teresa Giudice Grilled on Prison and Rumors about Joe Cheating

Teresa Giudice Grilled on Prison and Rumors about Joe Cheating
On Tuesday night, Teresa Giudice was an open book about prison on Andy Cohen’s show “Watch What Happens: Live.”

Giudice said of her first few days behind bars, "I felt like I was dying — in reality, that's how I felt. I was numb, I was going through the motions… When you first get there, they strip-search you, you have to bend down, cough — I felt humiliated.”

While staying in prison for roughly 11 months, she faced some filthy conditions. Teresa shared, "There was urine stains and blood stains on the mattress, it was disgusting. The other girls helped me make my bed, I was exhausted." Watch a clip from the interview!

The reality star also denied rumors that husband Joe was cheating on her while she was away. She claimed that one of their friends sold the story because he needed the money. She explained, "We found out that he was having money problems.” When asked if she believed the reports, she responded, “No… If I didn't want to be with Joe, I wouldn't be with Joe.”

Once Giudice was released from prison in December, she came home to a new car with a big bow on it, which was a gift from Joe. She said, "[Joe] didn't put the bow on it… Lexus did it — they knew a lot of paparazzi would be there, so they got a lot of publicity out of that. They were smart."

Teresa and Joe also spent the holidays with his sister Melissa Gorga, who was left off her prison visitation list. Of the omission, Giudice revealed, "Things weren't great. I really didn't want to spend five hours sitting with Melissa and chatting with her.”

Tereas’s appearance on the show was just hours after it was announced she would be returning to the seventh season of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Watch the first promo clip!

The second of Teresa’s interview with Andy airs tonight on Bravo!