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Justin Theroux Dishes on Spoiling Jennifer Aniston with Gifts

Justin Theroux Dishes on Spoiling Jennifer Aniston with Gifts
Actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux is getting ready to celebrate some special occasions with wife Jennifer Aniston, including her birthday and Valentine’s Day this week.

Over the weekend, Theroux sat down with “Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli at a press junket for “Zoolander 2,” where he chatted about how he’s prepping for the special days. He shared, “It comes fast and furious, we have Christmas then New Year's, then we have her birthday and then Valentine’s day.”  

He continued, “So she gets a solid of two months of just being lavished with some good stuff.”   

Justin laughed, “I’m thinking of moving my birthday to January to break it up.”  

Aside from Valentine’s Day and her birthday, Justin and Jen have been celebrating six months of marriage. He gushed, “Everything is wonderful, getting used to the arithmetic rhythms of shooting a television show, rushing home, going back to the show, going home, going to Rome for Zoolander.”    

“Zoolander 2” features a barrage of cameos, but Justin couldn’t get Jen to be part of the movie. He revealed, “She was working, I couldn’t get her out there.”  

He jokingly added, “And we couldn’t afford it… then I finally just gave it to her (the script) at breakfast one day, and she was like, 'Are you kidding me?'”  He reiterated, “We did want her to be in it, it was just a scheduling thing.”

“Zoolander 2” hits theaters February 12.