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Watch Jamie Foxx’s Hilarious Impression of Cam Newton’s Dab Dance

Watch Jamie Foxx’s Hilarious Impression of Cam Newton’s Dab Dance
Earlier today, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Jamie Foxx in San Francisco, where he’ll attend the big game on Super Bowl Sunday.

Jamie revealed that he wanted the Carolina Panthers to have their winning moment at the Super Bowl. “I think Carolina has a strong chance to win.”

Foxx was more than happy to be in San Francisco to celebrate the 50th Super Bowl, and gave an impression of Cam’s touchdown “dab” victory dance. “I think Cam Newton is fantastic and I think it makes for a great story, all the controversy, ‘Is he too this, is he too flamboyant?' I say go back and look at 1984 Chicago Bears team, Jim McMahon, classic… He was the first black quarterback to be flamboyant… look at Broadway Joe Namath… is Cam Newton doing anything different than that.”  

While gushing about Cam, the Oscar winner made reference to ESPN sports commentator Stephen A. Smith, “And why do I sound like Stephen A. Smith right now?”

During the interview, Foxx also reflected about saving a man’s life after a fiery car crash in front of his California home in January. He said about the ordeal, “I tell you, God had his hands on all of us doing that, someone crashed in front of my house, the car was already on fire… Through the help of a guy that had some EMT scissors, got a chance to cut him out before the car went up, it was just one of those things.”

After the man was rescued, Jamie had a chance to talk to the victim’s father. He told AJ, “His father [is] a God-fearing man and I said to him, ‘God, gave you an opportunity to reconnect with your son.’”  

Foxx continued, “Here’s the interesting thing: As I’m cutting him out, I kept saying, 'You got angels around you,' and the guy, who happened to have the EMT scissors, he doesn’t want the face time… his name was Christian! So it was just one of those incredible moments.”