Who Was the 'Sticker Kid' at Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Caucus Speech?

Who Was the 'Sticker Kid' at Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Caucus Speech?
Last night, an unexpected person almost stole the spotlight from Hillary Clinton at her Iowa caucus speech.

While Clinton, who narrowly won the caucus, was exciting the crowd with her words, there was a Drake University student standing behind her drawing attention with his stickered face.

The “Sticker Kid," Peter Clinkscales, was seen sneezing, dancing, and bobbing his head on live television during speech at Drake University’s Olmstead Center.

He told the New York Daily News, "I was just a kid wearing a Hillary sticker."

Clinkscales also revealed that he was planning to bring a saxophone into the rally, so Hillary’s husband Bill could play it, but he was turned away. He came back and was able to grab a seat behind the stage that was reserved for VIP. He said, "No one questioned me.”

Clinkscales explained he attended the rally because, "I was undecided and I thought, being undecided in the Democratic caucus, I thought I would go see what Hillary had to say at her rally.”

Though he attended the rally, he wasn’t too focused on the speech. “I didn’t really pay attention too much. I was just excited to be in the backstage area... it was nice.”

In the past, Clinkscales has also had a run-in with Hillary’s opponent Bernie Sanders, and even posted a selfie with him!

Lol I'm not even a democrat but still Bernie Sanders is pretty rad #feelthebern

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