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Sarah Palin Jokes That Polls Aren't Just Good for Strippers and Skiers Anymore

Sarah Palin Jokes That Polls Aren't Just Good for Strippers and Skiers Anymore

“Extra” caught up with Sarah Palin just hours before the Iowa caucus. The original Mama Grizzly talked about the polls and stumping for Donald Trump.

Palin joked, “Usually, I say polls are only good for strippers and cross-country skiers, but in this case, I do think that the polls are accurate and are reflecting that the American people, the electorate... we're looking for something different.”

The former Alaska governor insists this time around she believes the polls. “The status quo has gotta go. It's gotten us into a lot of problems in this country, so we need to change all that, and that's why you see the outsider candidates so high up in the polls. So for the first time, I'm going to say, I believe the polls.”

Palin also talked Trump, saying, “He's going rogue all the time, and I think that's what Americans are craving right now is some candidness, some willingness to talk about the issues that are first and foremost on our hearts and our minds to get constitutional government back into the system.”

Calling Trump “refreshing” and vowing to campaign for him as much as she can, Palin added, “Donald Trump is the one with the record of success who is gonna be able to do that, so you know I just like that he is so refreshing… his whole candidacy is refreshing, and it's good for the process, and it's great for America.”

Palin continued, “I do believe that he will be our next president, and that's going to be good for America… it's going to be great for America… his skills, the gifts that he has to put America first, and to fight for us and our economy and our national security first and foremost, it's what's been missing, and we're going to get it in Donald Trump.”