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Harry Hamlin Jokes About Threatening Lisa Rinna with Divorce

Harry Hamlin Jokes About Threatening Lisa Rinna with Divorce
Actor Harry Hamlin recently appeared on “IMDb Asks” live from the IMDb Studio in Sundance, where he opened up about wife Lisa Rinna being part of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

He shared, "I call them desperate housewives around the house. I ask Lisa, 'Are you doing 'Desperate Housewives' tomorrow?' She came to me and she said that they had asked her to do [the show] and I said, ‘If you do it, I’m going to call my divorce lawyer. I happen to have a divorce lawyer in my phone. And as long as I don’t have to be on it, you can do it.'”

Harry also chatted about his time on “Dancing with the Stars.” He revealed, "That is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I said, 'I have to do this! This is like trying to climb Mount Everest without oxygen to do this show.' I knew how difficult it was because Lisa had done it the season before and it changed her life. It was the kind of thing where you have to rise to this occasion to do this thing that you cannot do. It is impossible to do this. And so I only lasted for a couple weeks because it is impossible and I was no good at it but nevertheless just the experience of doing those couple of weeks changed my life.” Watch!