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'The 100' Season 3: Richard Harmon Reveals What's In Store for John Murphy

'The 100' Season 3: Richard Harmon Reveals What's In Store for John Murphy

At the close of “The 100” Season 2, it looked like John Murphy had found his very own Promised Land… at least until he turned on the TV.

As the TV powered up so did a disturbing video of a man talking about launch codes and losing control of “her,” just before he shot himself. The video was from 2052, the same year as the nuclear war.

So where will we find Murphy when “The 100” returns? ExtraTV.com joined a group of reporters on the set in Vancouver to find out.

Here is what Richard Harmon had to say about Season 3!

Where do we pick up with Murphy?
We pick up right where we left him in the bunker. He’s there trying to figure out what’s going on. He’s got some food, he’s got some drink, he’s got it all. That’s about all they are letting me say, but it won’t take long in Season 3 to pick up with Murphy and see what he does.

Can you say if he is at all intrigued by this man in the video?
Even for Murphy, who has seen everything, a man shooting himself onscreen is not something you see every day. Yeah, Murphy is curious as long as it is not getting him into trouble, if it isn’t leading to his death he will be curious as to what is going on with that. And who knows, there might be more videos on the camera.

We heard there might be a Grounder capital. Do you know anything about that?
I won’t say anything I know about that… I will say I love what they are doing, going a little further into the Grounder politics of everything and we see a little bit more of the process of how a commander becomes a commander and a little bit on the back story of that, which is very cool.

Will we see his relationship with Jaha develop this season?
I think it is a relationship that we will see get pretty complicated if it does continue. They’ve always had a complicated relationship because he killed my dad, and then I trusted him a little bit and he killed my friend. the100-richardharmon2


Will we get to see him interacting with the A.L.I.E. hologram character at all?
Well, they are on the same island… it’s a big island. We will find out.

Through your character will we see a new side of the planet? Murphy is in this historical place.
This is where it all ended. This is where it all happened. We will look into it a little bit further, what is on the island that we are on. We will explore more of the world this season, but not just through Murphy, through everyone.

Will we learn more about his life prior to Season 1?
I would love to learn more about Murphy, because I don’t even know what he was imprisoned for. I’ve had to make it up a few times.

What is your go to?
Public urination… my whole thing was that he peed on the last tree, which was like a huge deal. It made the Ark Daily like five days in a row.

Watch “The 100” Season 3 premiere January 21 at 9 p.m. on The CW.