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The Cast of 'Narcos' Reacts to the Capture of El Chapo

The Cast of 'Narcos' Reacts to the Capture of El Chapo

The capture of drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has been dominating headlines, even more so after news broke yesterday that Hollywood’s own Sean Penn sat down with him for an interview for “Rolling Stone.”

The story was a hot topic of conversation at the Golden Globes, and “Extra” got reaction from the stars of Netfix hit series “Narcos” based on the real-life story of Colombian cocaine drug lord Pablo Escobar and police efforts to catch him.

Wagner Moura who plays Escobar said, “It’s so crazy, I didn’t expect to see Sean Penn, it was such a crazy story… El Chapo is in prison again, I think this is a good thing, I think a show like ‘Narcos,’ which is a show about the birth of the narco trafficking… It’s proof, the war, the drug war is a big flop.”

Pedro Pascal commented that all of it is “Almost stranger than fiction, as soon as you see something you can’t believe is true, we have the proof in archival footage, these last 24 hours are proof of that as well in terms of everything that is happening with El Chapo.”

Boyd Holbrook added, “It’s just the resonance of all what happened with Pablo’s days and the outcome of his coming down and Mexico is Mexico.”