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Jamie Foxx Takes 'Full Responsibility' for His Steve Harvey Moment at the Globes

Jamie Foxx Takes 'Full Responsibility' for His Steve Harvey Moment at the Globes

It was just a few weeks ago that Steve Harvey accidentally announced the wrong Miss Universe, and now Jamie Foxx has done the same thing at the Golden Globes… sort of.

The star was presenting Best Original Score in a Motion Picture alongside Lily James when he named “Straight Outta Compton” as the winner. The announcement came as a surprise, because the film wasn’t nominated.

Foxx never opened the envelope, clearly wanting to shine the spotlight on the film that he may have seen as snubbed.

He followed up with "I'm sorry, folks. I made a mistake. It's right here on the card. It's right here on the card. I take full responsibility – full responsibility. It was right here on the card ... I apologize to everybody in Compton."

The award went to Ennio Morricone for his work on “The Hateful Eight.”

Earlier, “Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with Jamie and his daughter Corrine aka Miss Golden Globe on the red carpet. Jamie offered some advice on how to be a good dad to your daughter. “Open up the door to where she can come tell you anything so she won’t come tell you anything, she’ll be like I want to tell him, but she’ll also feel like I want to be so good for my dad some things I may not want to be able to tell him.”

He also gushed over her, saying, “Corrine has never been in trouble. Never asked me for money. Always been cool and you know how it is raising kids, you have kids yourself. Anyone would be absolutely pleased to have someone as beautiful as her and as nice as her.”

Corrine said she has big shoes to fill when being compared to her dad. Mario asked what Jaime’s rules are for dating his 21-year-old daughter, the actor getting noticeably choked up, “I protect this one, but at the same time, she’s smart enough, she’s old enough to understand, you got to let them live there life man.”