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Dr. Oz on Charlie Sheen's Upcoming Announcement: 'I Was Shocked and Petrified'

Dr. Oz on Charlie Sheen's Upcoming Announcement: 'I Was Shocked and Petrified'

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Dr. Oz to talk about Charlie Sheen’s upcoming appearance on his show and the star’s health since revealing that he's HIV positive.

Dr. Oz revealed, “On Monday, it is going to be pretty raw, authentic conversation about the reality that if he is going to chase the cure for this devastating illness, he will be associated with it in a very public way.”

He added that Charlie will go to some of the top centers in the world where HIV work is being done. “He goes to some places that I didn’t go with him, really alternative and out there, and that is part of the dialogue, where this journey takes him.”

Sheen is set to make another big announcement, but Dr. Oz wants the public to hear it from the source, however, he did say, “I was shocked and petrified when I heard it, but I want him to say it in his own words.”

When AJ asked if Charlie has changed since telling the world about his HIV status, Dr. Oz said, “The most important thing for Charlie is to deal with the addictions, and he has gotten off alcohol, and I have seen that firsthand, and I have been testing him just to make sure and he is off alcohol and that’s fantastic. Now, the cigarettes are still an issue and we are going to continue that dialogue as we tell this story, but at least he’s honest, warts and all, about his life.”

Sheen’s current health regimen includes “a traditional four-drug cocktail of pills for HIV, because you have to hit this virus in different places to prevent it from replicating. He has combined two into one, which is done for him, so he pops those three pills every day.”

This new lifestyle has taken some getting used to. The doctor explained that Charlie “suffers with the reality that he has to take it, and he likes to be free and this doesn’t free you when you have to take a pill or three of them every day. He also has some intestinal side effects that bother him. He’s honest about the fact that he wears not just dark but black underwear, but that is better than coming down with the consequences of AIDS.”

Tune in Monday to see Charlie Sheen on the "Dr. Oz Show." Check here for local listings.