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How Sandra Bullock’s Kids Got Her Red-Carpet Ready for the People’s Choice Awards

How Sandra Bullock’s Kids Got Her Red-Carpet Ready for the People’s Choice Awards
On Wednesday night, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Sandra Bullock at the People Choice’s Awards, where she discussed the changes in her household with her growing family, how her kids help her get red-carpet ready, and why little Laila won’t aspire to be a princess.

Last month, Bullock has become even busier after adopting daughter Laila, 3. She shared about her growing household, "It’s just good-crazy. It’s louder. It’s just a lot of different kinds of music than there was before. There’s a discrepancy in music taste, so you have to go back and forth. So it’s like you become an efficient DJ.”

Sandra, who took home the Favorite Movie Actress award, said she is giving it "to the kids. See what they do to it.”
On how her children help her prepare for awards shows, Bullock revealed she thinks son Louis, 5, has a future career as a speech writer, explaining, "He doesn’t realize it… you just have to listen to kids. They’ll give you everything.”

Bullock confessed that although Louis sometimes weighs in on her outfits, “He didn’t today. But Laila was in there. She’s looking at how the eye makeup was applied. She’s all about the makeup. Which makes me really happy.”

When Renee joked, "She’s going to think Mommy is an absolute princess,” Bullock replied, "No, she knows Mommy’s not… She knows that it’s fake. I want her to know it’s a nice thing to pretend, not to aspire to.”
Although everything seems bright and sunny for Bullock at home, she is dealing with the rain El Niño has brought to L.A. Bullock admitted, "I love it. I’m an East Coast girl. I love the rain. I look out the window and it reminds me of my childhood. I love it.”