Anna Duggar Explains Why She Won’t Leave Josh After His Sex Scandals

Anna Duggar Explains Why She Won’t Leave Josh After His Sex Scandals
Josh Duggar’s wife Anna is still fighting to save their marriage.

In Sunday’s episode of “Jill & Jessa: Counting On," Anna opened up on the state of her marriage to Josh after his sex scandals. She shared, "In my heart, when I got married, I vowed to God first and then to Joshua, 'For better or for worse, ’til death do we part.’ I pray that through all of this that I would be an extension of God's love to Joshua, that I would love him and forgive him and wait patiently and allow God to work through our hearts."

She continued, "My prayer and my heart's desire is for our marriage to be restored."

Josh and Anna’s marriage was first rocked after reports that he sexually molested five underaged girls when he was teenager. She said about the scandal, "I knew about this long before it hit the press.”

Anna knew about the first scandal, but was blindsided by his second sex scandal, in which he admitted to cheating and having a pornography addiction. She revealed, "It felt like a bad dream. It's such a betrayal for a spouse for through what we're walking through and it was hard."

After the scandals, Josh entered rehab, while Anna moved in with his family, who helped her take care of their four kids.

Josh’s sisters Jana and Joy-Anna witnessed Anna’s strength when she was living with them. Joy-Anna shared, "I'm really amazed by the strength that God has given Anna and just how she's going through all of this and having a good attitude about it all even though it's so hard and you know it hurts really bad.”

The third episode of “Jill & Jessa: Counting On” airs on Sunday on TLC.