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Donald Trump on the GOP Debate, Jeb Bush, and More

Donald Trump on the GOP Debate, Jeb Bush, and More

During last night’s final GOP debate on CNN Presidential candidate Donald Trump came under fire for his recent comments regarding Muslims.

Trump was caught in a war of words with fellow candidate Jeb Bush. The former Governor of Florida called him a “chaos candidate” saying he would also be a “chaos president.”

Donald was with “Extra” after the debate saying he has no hard feelings. “Hey, look, he's trying so hard, he’s a very nice person, Jeb, and he’s trying so hard and he has to do that.”

Trump explained Jeb has to do something based on what the polls show. “Every online poll has me way ahead.”

Overall, Trump said he thought the debate went well. “I think it was a great night for me and I enjoy doing it.” He also said he thinks this debate was the best one and doesn’t feel like he was being attacked. “I’m being honest, I’m being truthful… I don’t think anyone is attacking me, I think it’s just, you're number one by a lot — I mean, I was number one by 27 points. That’s a lot.”

Donald’s wife Melania was by his side, and was also happy with his performance. “He's smart, he's tough, he knows what he's doing, and speaking from his heart — he’s the best.”