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Will Smith Gets Political: ‘We Can’t Embrace Foolishness'

Will Smith Gets Political: ‘We Can’t Embrace Foolishness'
Will Smith is taking on the NFL in his new movie, “Concussion,” but is he also taking on the White House?

Smith sat down with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway along with the Nigerian doctor he portrays in the movie, Dr. Bennett Omalu, to talk about the movie and politics.

Will, who has hinted at political aspirations in the past, challenged some of the current candidates' ideology, such as banning Muslims and building walls. “There’s a lot of craziness going on right now, when people get scared and they say and do things that are beneath them and they say and do things that are beneath us as world leaders.”

Will continued, “Americans we set a really interesting path, the ideals of America are fantastic and beautiful and we have to live up to those ideals we can’t move backwards because we’re a little scared… we can’t embrace foolishness.”

Will already received a Golden Globe nomination for “Concussion.” He told AJ, “I was very happy with that.” Dr. Bennett was happy with his performance, saying, “This was just a phenomenal job… that was a such good job he did.”

Will revealed he almost didn’t take the role, explaining what changed his mind, “I got the screenplay and I was kind of like yuck… you know, do I want to make the movie that brings this to light… and I met with Bennett when we went through the science and he talked me through the science of it… it became something I felt I had to do because as a parent, I didn't know, my son was playing, I had no idea that there was a possibility for long-term brain damage from the repetitive head trauma.”

“Concussion” opens Christmas Day.