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John Stamos Goes From 'Full House' to Full Moon!

Paris Hilton isn’t the only one baring her butt in Paper magazine — “Grandfathered” star John Stamos also took part in the fun for the publication’s Fandemonium Issue.

[Credit: Brian Bowen Smith/Paper]

In the photo, 52-year-old Stamos is wearing nothing but a dress shirt. In an accompanying interview, he admits that the craziest thing he did all year was “pose bottomless for Paper.”

His bare bottom is already a trending topic, but Stamos won’t be getting Google alerts about it. He explained, "I rarely read about myself — mostly because I'm tired of 'me' — and also if you believe the good stuff, you have to believe the bad stuff. I just stay away.”

John also has a hard time with social media. He revealed, "Sometimes they all drive me crazy. Other times, I'm thoroughly entertained. I've probably gravitated a little more towards Twitter, but I like Instagram quite a bit, too. Facebook is pretty cool. And I've been having a lot of fun on Snapchat lately."

For more on John’s interview, pick up a copy of Paper magazine’s Fandemonium Issue.