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Sarah Palin Sounds Off on Gun Control After San Bernardino Attack

New book, politics, gun control... Covered a lot with Governor Palin today

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On Friday, the always outspoken Sarah Palin joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood to promote her new book “Sweet Freedom: A Devotional.”  

The former governor of Alaska, a big supporter of the Second Amendment, commented on the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino, which the FBI is treating as an act of terrorism. “We have enough gun laws on the books, it's just a matter of government and law enforcement making sure that those laws are being enforced and those who should not have guns don't get their hands on guns — and we have a lot of laws that already deal with that.”  

She continued, “We have that right to bear arms, to protect our loved ones, and to not allow those who would do harm with a tool like a gun or a sword or a knife or their fists, that we have the right to defend ourselves, and the Second Amendment, a specific tool, a firearm, to do that for us.”
Palin has nothing but praise for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has been leading in the polls. She said, “Donald Trump is kicking butt. He is doing so well because he is so bold, so candid, and he also has some really practical solutions to a lot of the challenges we're facing. It doesn't surprise me at all that he is so high in the polls; Americans are craving that kind of candidness and somebody who has a track record of success, knowing that they're not just blowing smoke about something that maybe they've accomplished. You can see with Donald Trump what it is that he's been able to accomplish.”
Though she supports Trump, she was not happy with his recent mocking of a disabled reporter. “I don't think we all know exactly the context that that whole issue took place in, so… but in general, anybody mocking the disabled —no, no, no, no… My heart is with those who have special needs and special gifts from God.”  
Palin will be home for the holidays as she awaits the arrival of her third grandchild, who is due to arrive around Christmas. She revealed, “I will be there by [Bristol’s] side and the whole crew comes over to our house 'cause we live on a lake, a frozen lake, and everyone wants to go skating and ice fishing and we have a blast. It is the most wonderful time of the year for us. We love Christmas.”