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Bono Opens Up on Paris Terror Attacks and Charlie Sheen’s HIV Revelation

Bono Opens Up on Paris Terror Attacks and Charlie Sheen’s HIV Revelation
On Tuesday night, “Extra” had the chance to speak with U2 front man Bono at a star-studded event in support of ONE and (RED), where he discussed the Paris terror attacks and Charlie Sheen’s HIV announcement.

U2 was originally scheduled to performed in Paris on November 14, just one day after the tragic terror attacks. He said, “Well, you know, Paris is a very special to us. I live part of the year in France… ya know, the idea of America kind of started out in Paris, didn't it? And if you think about it, it’s [got] a deep connection with America, France.”

The concert has been rescheduled for next week. "We're going back, can't wait to go back… We're gonna be there in Paris and it's gonna be a special privilege to serve that city.”

Switching gears, the rock star said he was inspired by Charlie Sheen’s recent admission that he is HIV positive. “It's a lot of courage for people to reveal their status… that's one of the sort of unknown pieces of this whole story of heroism and American heroism — American intervention is really working — is that by providing the medication, you get more people to be honest about their status.”

Bono, who performed last night, was thrilled by the loads of support for a cause close to his heart. “I can't imagine that we're over 7 million people that have member support… And I'm really proud to say that just over 3 million of them are in Africa. We're not even trying that hard in Africa, but it’s, you know, these are, it's a very inspiring next generation and, uh, they're taking into their own hands their lives.”

The charity event was held at Carnegie Hall and included an auction. Bono auctioned off a bike ride with him in Central Park, but he had his eyes on another celebrity item. He shared, “George Clooney has offered 45 seconds of compliments — I'm gonna buy that, he's gonna have to tell me s***.”

To contribute to Bono's cause, visit Red.com!