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Blake Shelton Just Said the Sweetest Thing About Gwen Stefani!

Blake Shelton Just Said the Sweetest Thing About Gwen Stefani!

Gwen Stefani killed it on “The Voice” last night. The coach took the stage to belt out an emotional rendition “Used To Love You,” her breakup anthem that is considered to be about ex-husband Gavin Rossdale.

Stefani’s fellow coach and current boyfriend Blake Shelton showed his support for her, rising to his feet during the performance and talking to “Extra’s” Renee Bargh on the red carpet, revealing he heard the song before it was released.

“I know right when she wrote the song she was like, ‘My gosh, I put exactly what I wanted to say into a song.’ Sometimes it's hard to put it exactly how you want to say it when it's that personal to you, and so she was so excited that she got that out, and then it ends up being this smash song that it's turning into.”

“She deserves it,” he continued to gush about this girl. “If you go through whatever she went through to write that song, at least she's getting something good, positive out of it.”

Blake praised Gwen on Twitter too, writing, "Wow... @gwenstefani.... Such an amazing performance. #respect”

Shelton also dished with Renee on his Thanksgiving, which he spent in Oklahoma while Gwen was in L.A. with her kids.

The country star admitted he almost had a turkey disaster. “I put a, I think it was an 18-pound turkey on, I have one of those Traeger grills, it’s a smoker, I put it on there at like eight o'clock at night with the intention of before I went to bed taking it off the smoker and then the turkey being done. I woke up the next morning, I walked out on my porch to urinate, because that's what you do in the country is you pee off the porch, and I walked out there and was like, ‘What is that sound?' I realized the turkey had been on the smoker all night.”

Shelton said despite being on the smoker all night, the bird came out perfect. “What turned out to be a normal morning of peeing on the porch ended up being the perfect Thanksgiving.”

See Blake and Gwen on “The Voice” tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.