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Ted Cruz Talks Donald Trump… and Gives Us His Best 'Princess Bride' Impression

Ted Cruz Talks Donald Trump… and Gives Us His Best 'Princess Bride' Impression

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz at his campaign headquarters in Houston for a revealing interview about Donald Trump, immigration policy, and what he really wanted to be when he grew up.

Cruz, who is gaining traction in the polls and is now second place in Iowa with around 20 percent of the vote, told Mario about his campaign strategy, “You know, we very consciously have focused this campaign on building it slowly and steadily… We really focused on really building on a foundation of stone and not of sand, doing a lot of the fundamentals, building a grassroots army.”

The real question is: Can he beat frontrunner Donald Trump?

Trump is a fan of Cruz, even indicating he might ask the senator from Texas to be his running mate if he wins in the primaries, but Cruz isn’t interested. “Not interested… I am running for the top position and I think this election, the stakes, I don’t think they’ve ever been higher.”

Cruz was actually born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but renounced his citizenship. “You know, my parents, my dad is Cuban, he came from Cuba in 1957 with nothing, my mom is American. She's Irish-Italian born in Wilmington, Delaware, they were both mathematicians and computer programmers, they met in the oil and gas industry, moved to Calgary and started a small business up there. I was born in Calgary… We came back to Texas when I was 4, and so I grew up here in Houston.”

He also weighed in on what he thinks of Trump’s stance on immigration, “Well, listen, I think Donald has tapped into some real frustration… We can always welcome and celebrate and we should welcome and celebrate legal immigrants. I mean, this is a country built by immigrants, but no country on earth just leaves their border open, doesn't secure their border and welcomes people with no consequence... to be pro-immigrant as I am and also believe in rule of law you can do them both.”

While he may not have anything in common with our current president when it comes to policy, there is one piece of advice he would take from President Obama as the father of two daughters himself.

“I will say, I don't know his daughters, but by all appearances, President Obama and Michelle have done a good job of raising their girls and in a pressure cooker where you get all the attention of the world on you, so that is a very good idea.”

The 44-year-old confessed that when he was growing up, he wanted to be an actor and even acted out a short bit from his favorite movie, “The Princess Bride.”

Cruz said, “One of my favorite scenes is when they bring in Wesley the Pirate Roberts to Miracle Max.”

Check out the video for the full impression!