Traci Braxton Sets Record Straight on Tamar Feuding with Her Sisters

Check out an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode of “The Real”!

In the episode, Traci Braxton clears up rumors about the Braxton sisters’ feud, and Omar Epps drops by to promote his latest project.

Traci said, "Look, we’re sisters. We love each other. Just like you guys. Y’all are sisters, y’all love each other, and y’all are gonna bicker; you’re gonna bicker all the time. Who wants to get along all the time? ‘Cause I really don’t. I do not have time for all of that. I’m going to tell you how I feel, but don’t get it twisted — we've got each others' backs no matter what, no matter what.”

“The Real” airs today. Check your local listings.