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Hello, It's (Really) Me: Watch Adele Prank Her Impersonators!

Hello, It's (Really) Me: Watch Adele Prank Her Impersonators!
[Credit: YouTube @ BBC]
With the release of her new album "25," Adele is demonstrating how she absolutely dominates the music industry — the set is a "lock" to sell well over a million copies in the U.S. in its first week alone — but she still knows how to have a little bit of fun!

As reported by Us Weekly, the belter donned a prosthetic nose and chin and blended in with a group of Adele impersonators for a hilarious prank that aired as part of her "Adele at the BBC" special that aired Friday in the UK.

With host Graham Norton in on the ruse, Adele — going by the name "Jenny" —  chatted with the other ladies (and one guy) about "25," snarkily noting that Adele was "really taking her time" to finally release it.

Forbes argues that "25" is "much more than" just an album. Well, "Jenny" was much more than just another Adele wannabe!

When the time came for "Jenny" to hit the stage, her audience was giddy as it dawned on them who she really was. Don't miss her killer performance, right here.