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Jenny McCarthy Criticizes Charlie Sheen, His Manager Responds!

Jenny McCarthy Criticizes Charlie Sheen, His Manager Responds!
Charlie Sheen's former "Two and a Half Men" co-star Jenny McCarthy has expressed her uneasiness over his HIV announcement earlier this week.

McCarthy said on her SiriusXM radio show "Dirty, Sexy, Funny" on Wednesday, "I don't even know how to feel about that. I'm like, 'Wait a second. If I have to be upfront about a herpe [sic], how could you not be upfront about HIV?'"

"I look back and I'm like, 'Okay, that would have been some valuable information.' Look how many people have played his love interest on the show," she continued. "I mean, not that you can obviously get it through kissing, but still, that's a big deal." Listen!

McCarthy played Sheen's love interest for eight episodes of the show, from 2007-2011. She elaborated, "Playing his love interest on the show, even back in the day, I go, 'Ick! That's not fair. It's scary.' I have sympathy for him because, you know, he's sick and it's awful, but man, he's going to have some major accountability with many people in his life."

After hearing Jenny's comments, his manager Mark Burg told People, "Charlie was infected long after he left 'Two and a Half Men' and long after he worked with Jenny."

The next day, Jenny took to Twitter to further explain her comments.