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Jay Leno Crashes the 'Extra' Set, Talks Cars and Headlines

Jay Leno Crashes the 'Extra' Set, Talks Cars and Headlines

Comedian Jay Leno made a grand entrance at Universal Studios Hollywood today, arriving to the “Extra” stage in a car from his famous collection, a classic 1954 Jaguar.

The former “Tonight Show” host, and current host of CNBC’s “Jay Leno’s Garage” and Mario Lopez bonded over car stories with Mario sharing a story about his first car, a Mustang.

“Got it for $1,500 bucks. My dad put it together, [it] ended up being nice and cherry. Had my first five cars as Mustangs as a matter of fact.”

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When Jay asked if he crashed any of them, Lopez said, “I did my second one. How did you know?” Jay said, “Well cause everybody does.” Mario admitted he crashed his second Mustang into his own house, “Trying to make curfew… crashed into the house.”

Jay told Mario which one of his vintage cars has a special story behind it. “Well, I got my '55 Buick, when I landed, I landed in California, bought the Pennysaver… before you find a place to live you have to have a car, so I bought a '55 Buick for $350. It was enormous and I slept in it for a while. It was fantastic and I met my wife in that car and we dated in that car and I still have it.”

Leno also took on some of the headlines making news, including Charlie Sheen’s announcement today that he is HIV positive. Jay praised the actor’s honesty, “Actually, I like Charlie. You know the one great thing about Charlie Sheen is he is not a hypocrite… everybody else lies and Charlie [says], "I like coke and hookers, okay, thank you." He said something like that on our show and people applauded.”

He also shared his thoughts on Donald Trump’s run for president, revealing his theory, “Well, if you watch any reality shows the villain is always the last one to get kicked off… I think this reality show will run itself out. I don’t think he'll be the nominee.”

Tune in to “Extra” tomorrow for our full interview, and watch “Jay Leno’s Garage” Wednesdays on CNBC.