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Christina Aguilera Weighs In on Blake & Gwen's Romance

Christina Aguilera Weighs In on Blake & Gwen's Romance
Last night, Christina Aguilera took a moment to speak with "Extra's" Renee Bargh about how surprised she was that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani went public with their romance.

Aguilera shared, "At first, I was busting [Blake's] chops, and then all of a sudden she's confirming it… but man, I've known them both for quite some time. I've known Gwen a number of years; we've been going to each other's kid's birthday parties for years. She's an awesome mother, an awesome girl, and knowing myself firsthand going through a divorce, it can be hard. It's rough — they deserve happiness, and if it's within each other, more props to them."

Gwen and Blake's romance is heating up, while Christina and her fiancé Matt Rutler are only getting stronger as a couple after five years together. "The wedding will be an amazing day when we talk about any plans… but I'm really focused on my music right now."

Speaking of music, Christina, who will return to "The Voice" for Season 10, said, "I like to take my time, obviously, I'm not a robot… I really nurture the creative process and the time it takes to really deliver greatness. I'm really excited."

Aside from her wedding and music,  the renowned singer is really excited about partnering with Verizon's Hopeline program to take action against domestic violence. She explained, "Domestic violence has always been an important and special cause to me and my family, to my mom… I've been very open and pretty vocal about witnessing domestic violence in my home."

If you want to give back like Christina, now is the time to start! Not only is today World Kindness Day, but NBCUniversal is also launching a Season of Kindness and spreading the word with the hashtag #ShareKindness! Click here for more information.