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Caitlyn Jenner on Her New Life: 'I'm Very Happy to Be Living on the Other Side'

Caitlyn Jenner on Her New Life: 'I'm Very Happy to Be Living on the Other Side'
Last night, reality star Caitlyn Jenner was honored for her advocacy work in the LGBT community at Glamour magazine's Women of the Year Awards.

Before her acceptance speech, Jenner opened up about discovering her purpose in life after transitioning. She shared in a video collage, "Of all the things I've done in my life, Caity is why God put me on this earth: To tell my story, to be honest with myself about who I am. And in doing that, making a difference in the world. And I'm very happy to be living on the other side."

She also expressed her gratitude for her family in the video, saying, "I am so blessed I have family. And not one of them has abandoned me; they've all been supportive of me. It's incredible." Watch!

After taking the stage, Jenner said, "I sat down with my pastor, talked to him about my issues. And yes, I had a lot of conversations with God. I came to the conclusion: You know what? Maybe this is why God put me on this earth—to tell my story. To be authentic to myself, to who I am. And maybe in doing that, maybe you can make a difference in the world. What a great opportunity in life to have."

Jenner also discussed how things have changed for the better since her transition, saying, "I lost my enthusiasm for life. Literally, sitting in my house for almost six years. Because I never really wanted to come out — just to go to work, that was about it. Now, actually, I like going out. And I like being myself. And in doing that, it's been amazing, the opportunity we have for change, for people to understand this issue, because it's so difficult." Watch her acceptance speech!

The former Olympian, who wore Moschino Couture!, was joined at the ceremony by her daughter Kylie Jenner.