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'Spectre' Stealthily Takes the Box Office

'Spectre' Stealthily Takes the Box Office
[Credit: Columbia Pictures]
Daniel Craig may be sending mixed signals about his readiness to play James Bond again in the future, but audiences clearly love him in the role: "Spectre," the latest in the 53-year-old Bond franchise, took in an estimated $73 million at the U.S. box office this weekend.

The film's opening makes it the second-highest Bond-film bow in the U.S., after "Skyfall" (2012).

"Spectre" is already sitting at nearly $300 million worldwide.

Also doing well at the box office was — good grief! — "The Peanuts Movie," the first in a proposed series of big-screen adaptations of the late Charles M. Schulz's cartoon creations. The family flick is projected to make approximately $45 million in the U.S this weekend.

Clearly, Lucy forgot to pull the football away for a change. 

The full weekend Top 5:

(1) "Spectre"

(2) "The Peanuts Movie"

(3) "The Martian"

(4) "Goosebumps"

(5) "Bridge of Spies"