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Live from New York, It's Donald Trump

Live from New York, It's Donald Trump
[Credit: NBC]
In spite of protests by immigrants-rights groups and prominent Latinos, Donald Trump's second gig hosting "Saturday Night Live" (and his first doing so as a presidential candidate) went off without a hitch. Overnight ratings estimates predict he may have drawn 10 million viewers, or 47% more than the show's season-opener, with Miley Cyrus and a Hillary Clinton cameo.

In fact, Larry David — who appeared in the show's cold open as Bernie Sanders — was the only person who shouted that Trump is a racist, mocking one group's offer to give $5,000 to anyone who did so during the live telecast.

The group, Deport Racism, immediately tweeted that David's action counted, and that the multimillionaire will get the promised $5,000.

According to the New York Daily News, about 200 people protested Trump's presence on "SNL" outside 30 Rock.

After the opening monologue, which featured Trump flanked by impersonators Taran Killam and Darrell Hammond, Trump seemed to want to show that he can take a joke about himself, allowing skits that poked fun at his ego, his notoriously thin skin, and his trademark 'do.

While it remains to be seen whether his comedic chops provide a lasting impact on presidential polling one way or the other, one thing that will be with us forever after is a raft of Vine videos and gifs capturing many intentionally awkward moments, including his take on Drake's "Hotline Bling" video:

One of the skits that went over the best didn't feature Trump in person, instead using parodies of mean tweets he'd sent about all of "SNL's" cast members.


Donald Trump wasn't the only big name on "SNL" — his daughter Ivanka Trump made a cameo, and his musical guest was Sia, who did her part to break the Internet by donning an oversized bow for a performance of her single "Alive."