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Julia Roberts Gives Advice for a Successful Marriage

America's sweetheart Julia Roberts recently sat down with “Extra's" Mario Lopez to promote her new film, “Secret in Their Eyes,” and to dish about her life at home with husband Danny Moder and their three children.

Roberts just celebrated her 48th birthday last week, revealing, “I had a very nice morning with my family and went out to breakfast with my husband, and all my girlfriends came over and we played mahjong all day.”

Julia and Danny also celebrated their thirteen years of marriage and have managed to keep a low profile in Hollywood. Julia shared a helpful tip for a successful marriage -- kissing.

The two have three kids together; twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, 10; and Henry, 8, who are all into sports now. “They love playing soccer, my daughter just had her last basketball game yesterday, they won, 21-9, yeah sports!” Aside from sports, the kids are working hard at school, she said, “Then it’s a lot of school work. School is not the easy ride it was when I was in fifth grade, it’s intense.”

“Secret in Their Eyes” allowed Julia to integrate her personal and professional life together, since Danny was also working on the film with her. “If we got to go to work together and go home together, all that work time, when you come home and ‘oh, honey, how was your day?’… we did all that in the day and in the car, so when we got home we got to put that all away, which was really delightful.”

Julia plays an intense role in “Secret in Their Eyes,” as a detective who hunts her own daughter's killer, something she could not relate to. Roberts explained, “In a funny way, I refused to overlap the thoughts. Obviously my creative process... you normally draw on your personal emotions and relate it to your own life, and this is just something I thought, I can’t do that, it’s not worth it to try and create unimaginable thoughts in my mind. I just had to keep it separate.”

“Secret in Their Eyes” opens November 20.